Some readers think Puddleby Pony is the name of one pony....however, this is not the case!

"Puddleby Pony" is the collective name for all of the ponies who are decedents of Spectacles, the old mare who was befriended by Dr. Dolittle many, many decades ago. Some may remember the legend of Dr. Dolittle, a doctor of people, who lived in Puddleby-on-the-Marsh, England.

Dr. Dolittle discovered he had a special way of talking to animals....and they talked right back to him. In fact, Dr. Dolittle liked animals much more than he liked people and became a doctor to many of the local animals.

In our first book, Puddleby, you will learn of the amazing journey of these special ponies from the 1880s until today. You’ll discover how one newborn filly almost dies at birth, but recovers to live as a humanitarian. You’ll learn about Pippenshimmer, the delightful teeny-tinny fairy of Humanities.

Also on this incredible journey you will learn about Puddleby and his brothers, Smooch and Cedric. You’ll meet many other new friends - some are human, some are critters.

And in the book you will follow Puddleby as he looks for his special talent that is….well, we’ll just have to let you read more on this website to understand Puddleby's story.

Enjoy the magic of all Puddleby Ponies.

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